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xmas wishlist

November 28th, 2011

Since a certain friend asked me to do this… :D

- CDs
The number one thing to get me for Christmas. I get lots of music from the libary, which piles on my hard drive, but my humble CD collection only consists of about 30 albums so far. Lots of great ones are missing (everything by The Kooks and Muse except for The Resistance, the two albums by Amy MacDonald, Radiohead’s In Rainbows, Fran Healy’s solo album… this could go on and on).

- books
I’ve got three books lying around at the moment and no time to read them, but books are always welcomed. Still haven’t read the new one by Nick Hornby and I’ve been meaning to get Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and an english copy of PS I Love You for ages… I read anything as long as it’s light and funny and not too cheesy-romantic :D Oh, and english only, of course!

On to some more useless stuff …

- pillow cases! :D For some reason I only own the one pillow I sleep on. No throw pillows, cushions or the like. Anything that’s either white or blue is great, this one is particularly beautiful.

- pencils. There are awesome sets out there with like 12 different hardness grades. New pencils will hopefully get me motivated to finally finish the drawing I’ve had lying around for nearly two years now.

- brushes, this time not for drawing/painting but for make-up :D (mostly for blushes and compact powder) I know nothing about this stuff so even help only is appreciated.

- and: something like this :D A bag for the handbag. Sounds silly but since I’m always running late I think that this could actually be practical.