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Travis greenscreen fun

March 1st, 2013

So y’all have most likely seen THIS:


Stupid but so very funny.

Right now there’s a lot going on in Travisland, since they’re FINALLY bringing out a new album soon. And last night us fans had some fun on Facebook with a greenscreen pic from their new video – someone photoshopped a T Rex into the background and suddenly there was E.T., a meerkat, the Beatles… and the goat. Which might’ve been my doing. Hahahaha I just couldn’t resist. Fran seemed to think it was funny as well… so yeah. Bring on the new album!

Four years go…

July 26th, 2012


“This is a song I wrote just as I turned 20, and I panicked ’cause I was like “shit man, I’m not gonna be a teenager anymore”"
Shit maaaaan!

Well, Happy Birthday to me. If my teenage years have an anthem, it’s this song. Every line is so true.
I’m off to the lake now!

“… when you’re 16.

Four years go
You’re foreign before you know
You’re now of age
And you’re thrown in a different cage
And you’re faced with another blank page
And I know I don’t need to be told …”

Rock am Ring moments part 2

June 3rd, 2012


Kasabian played Rock am Ring again on Friday, but I think I liked their 2010 set more. Looked like a perfect sunny afternoon.



Seaside by The Kooks – that one never gets old :)



And that’s where it all started for me – in 2007. I’ve never heard of Travis before but saw their whole set on TV – and after that I was in love :D They had the difficult situation of playing at the same time as Die Ärzte, but everyone who was there clearly enjoyed it.

and what’s a wonderwall anyway

February 9th, 2012


snow + The Man Who + hot chocolate = ♥

Happy Christmas…

December 24th, 2011

…to the two lovely souls who are reading this :D May that number be doubled by the end of next year :D

Anyway, let’s have some of my favourite Christmas songs and covers to celebrate!
Click for Youtube playlist


And the most wonderful of them all…

So so beautiful, especially this live version. Also check out the official video. The people on the boat are all members from :)