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I survived the Reichenbach Fall (twice!)

May 30th, 2012

Yep, I fell for Sherlock too :D I once swore to never watch anything even remotely violent or suspenseful again, just because my mind can’t take it, haha. I’m like a five year old when it comes to things like that, I get nightmares and I just hate it when people die on telly and in movies.

Last summer however, Sherlock – a modern version of Sherlock Holmes made by the BBC – was mentioned just about everywhere. I was bored, thought I’d give it a try and saw the first episode – and then I was hooked.

Now, I haven’t been to the cinema for almost five years and I’m definitely not a “tv show junkie” either, so my excitement for this probably sounds quite silly but… I can’t remember ever watching a show this brilliantly made and written. I love the idea of a modern adaption. I love how much passion and attention to detail the writers and producers put into this project. There are so many tiny clues and gimmicks; no flash of a newspaper or a quiet whisper in the background is a coincidence. I love how it actually challenges you to work everything out. And last but not least, I love how brilliantly all the actors, especially Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and John, portray their characters.

The second series just finished here in Germany, but I advise you to watch it in English anyway because Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is pure porn.

As you can see, I’m completely sherlocked =D It’s incredibly thrilling and suspenseful, but funny as well, and just overall amazingly done. Can’t – wait – for – more!