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anything could happen

August 24th, 2012

And here are finally the photos Simi took of me :)


… and a slightly out of focus shot of us both :D It was a great week!

free to be herself

August 23rd, 2012

Some more photos of Simi, this time with her horse Sadana. Because of several illnesses, Sadana had a maximum life expectancy of 13 years – and now she’s already 18 and still loves to run across fields! :)

We were joking that you could print these in a riding equipment catalogue  =D


the skies don’t lie

August 10th, 2012

I visited my friend Simi a few weeks ago :) The weather wasn’t so great but we made the most of the few (more or less) sunny hours and took some photos of each other. Here’s the first bunch: