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EMAs 2011

November 8th, 2011

I love award shows, even if it’s all the same every year, especially all these MTV Awards. VMAs, EMAs… So called “Popstars” getting prizes instead of people who can actually sing, write songs and play instruments, people like a certain actor who was famous in the 80s and whose name I won’t mention here being embarrassing, some girl with a microphone on the red carpet only caring about everyone’s outfits and for the rest it’s just an excuse to get drunk and do stupid things on telly. I love it =D

This years EMAs weren’t that exciting but I still enjoyed watching. Coldplay AND Snow Patrol performing? I’d never miss that.

Coldplay opened the show – the first thing you could hear were the chords of Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall and the first thing you could see was Chris’ bum =D Very nice. Wasn’t their best performance (Chris really needs to stop jumping around so much, his voice sounds so much better when he’s not) but it was still a great start.
As expected, Coldplay didn’t win anything last night. They lost Best Rock to Linkin Park and Best Live to Katy Perry. Haha, you just can’t take this serious.

Snow Patrol played a gig outside the City Hall and they cut in Called Out In The Dark as part of the show. Gary looked so excited to be playing in Belfast :D I think he knocked his microphone down at the end – and the crowd just kept on singing :) Beautiful.

On the show they also honoured Queen and payed tribute to Amy Winehouse, that was a nice touch. But the rest of the ceremony wasn’t that spectacular. Bring on the next awards!