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SNOW PATROL in Berlin 25/02/12

March 3rd, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥ I love this band.

We had such a great day last Saturday, the concert was awesome. Gary was on top form, joking around as always and saying how much they love Berlin. They played seven new songs and I loved all of them. New York still breaks my heart and Lifening was so so beautiful. We also got the reworked version of Chasing Cars and I finally heard Set The Fire and Just Say Yes live… *sigh* we had so much fun!

A few months ago you could send in photos you took at SP concerts for the new tour book. I sent in the ones we took at the Hamburg show and our picture with Gary. I never thought they’d use them… so we didn’t buy the tour book but asked a girl who got it if we could have a look through it – there’s two pages with fan photos and our picture with Gary is in there!! =D We’re in the tour book! hahaha I guess I have to buy it now.

We met Gary again afterwards :) He looked quite tired but still signed stuff and posed for photos. Always so nice… Jenny told him that he’s “fucking patient”, I think he liked that =D And then it was time for a new photo:



I’m on the right with my “Oh-my-God-it’s-Gary-freaking-Lightbody” face, hahaha. So so happy!!
After I thanked him for the picture he put his hand on my shoulder again and said “Take care”
♥ ♥ He’s the best!!!