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BRIT Awards 2012

February 22nd, 2012

Aaaannd the next ones =D The Brit Awards. Saw them for the first time in 2008 and never wanted to miss them again since then.
It’s been a great show yesterday, my favourite so far I think. Lots of great performances and most of the winners really deserve their awards, so no disappointment here, haha.

Coldplay kicked off the show with an awesome performance of Charlie Brown. All these fireworks looked spectacular and Chris sounded great, way better than at the Grammys. He also played piano during Noel Gallaghers performance, nice to see them on stage together. Florence + the machine and Adele were awesome as well.

Coldplay were nominated for Best British Group and Best British Album and they won the first one :) Really happy for them (and Chris didn’t even fuck up the acceptance speech, haha). As expected, Best British Album went to Adele. Her speech (or the lack thereof) was the only low moment of the night – James Corden was made to cut her off before she even said anything other than “Thank you”, just because the programme was over-running. No idea who’s responsible for that but it’s so so lame. When a live programme is over-running in Germany it just says “The news are delayed by 15 minutes” on the screen, simple as that. Adele’s reaction was flipping them off, hahaha.

Blur then closed the show with a 5 song set, after they won the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award earlier. Well deserved I think, and even though Damon didn’t seem to be on top form (and looked like he’s gonna lose his trousers any second), I really enjoyed them, especially Tender with the gospel choir: