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Rock am Ring 2013 – Highlights Part 2

June 24th, 2013

As I wrote in the first part, I discovered some new bands and artists at this years Rock am Ring festival:

Jake Bugg

I already knew him before since he toured with Snow Patrol and Noel Gallagher last year but I’d yet to hear more than a few songs, so fortunately his full set was shown in the livestream. So much talent for a 19 year old! Didn’t know he could play those guitar solos.

Imagine Dragons

So I’ll admit I’ve been living under a rock these last few months… I’ve never heard of these guys until I saw them as the first band in this years livestream. But I loved them instantly – catchy songs, lyrics I can relate to, lots of energy and a singer who seemed completely blown away at the response his band got from the crowd :D cute. I also love all the percussion elements, nice to see (and hear) them all drumming together.


…I know, it’s getting embarrassing now.. I’ve read their name before ’cause they opened for Muse on some of their shows, but never heard any songs until their set at Rock am Ring. I was surprised how many people there welcomed them with signs and t-shirts! Told you I’ve been missing a lot of stuff, but better late than never, right?
My first thought was “Man, he totally looks like Ted Mosby” :D But it didn’t take long until they had me captivated. I love Dans voice, the groove of their songs, the electronic feel to them.. and again, lots of percussion by all band members, awesome.

Rock am Ring 2013 – Highlights Part 1

June 16th, 2013

Whoop whoop I’m back! With music!

For the 7th (wtf!) year now I followed the Rock am Ring festival via livestreams and TV. Saw some amazing sets by my favourite bands and discovered some new ones, so here’s part one of my highlights.

They definitely didn’t get the slot they deserved, playing the Alternastage at 6 pm – it should’ve either been the Centerstage around that time or way later in the dark on the Alternastage. But they obviously sounded great as always, apart from the hits I really liked “Catacomb” from the new album (can’t find it on youtube :( )

Biffy Clyro

The crowd loved Biffy and I think Biffy loved the crowd :D Seems like they had a real connection – how funny was Simon’s “Ziehst du mich durch den Kakao?” ? :D (awesome German skills!) They’re the perfect festival band.


They only showed a few songs on TV when Phoenix played the festival in 2009, so it was great to see their full set this year :) Perfect atmosphere during the sunset! (Also, how cute is it when he counts in the songs in French? :D)

The Killers

They headlined the festival in 2009, this year they “only” headlined the Alternastage, but I think I liked this set even more. Brandon and the whole band have always come across quite reserved and serious to me, and here he was smiling so much the entire time, I really loved that. That they’re a brilliant live band is no secret and this concert reminded me that I really need to see them someday.