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DIY: memo/photo board

September 16th, 2012

I never knew what do to with all these photos that have been laying around here. I didn’t want to frame them all and neither did I want to just glue them onto my wall. I really liked the idea of these photo boards though, so I made one for my room:

They’re really easy to make and for this one you don’t even need fabric or a staple gun :)

This is what you need:

 - a blank canvas
- cotton wool
- cardboard
- ribbon of some sort (I used simple raffia paper ribbon but there are a million cute designs out there – like these ones)
- tape
- paint (and some old newspaper and old clothes if you’re like me. I can’t do anything with paint without making a huuuge mess)


Step 1: Paint the canvas
I used a sponge to paint mine instead of that tiny brush, haha. That would have taken forever. I deliberately didn’t overmix the paint, so I got some lighter and some darker streaks onto the canvas.
Always stroke in the same direction and don’t forget to paint the edges!

Of course you can write something or paint a design, but you won’t see much of it later anyway.

Step 2: Stuff the back of the canvas

Once the paint is completely dry, turn the canvas around and stuff it with cotton wool.

Try to push it under the frame and in the corners as far as possible.

Step 3: Secure with cardboard

Cut out cardboard (I used two pieces since there’s a bar across the middle). Make sure it’s a few mm longer on each side so you can push it under the frame and it stays in place on its own. Your board is now tightly padded, so your photos can’t fall off.

Step 4: Add the ribbon

Tape one end of each ribbon onto the frame and span it across the canvas. Pull as tight as possible, then secure the other end with tape as well.

I decided to leave it at 5 in a diagonal order, you can obviously add more to create a “rhombus pattern” – or just span them wildly in no order at all.

Step 5: Hang your board and add pictures :)

Paralympics Closing Ceremony

September 10th, 2012

I saw the whole Paralympics Closing Ceremony yesterday – and wow, it definitely was a Coldplay-Party! The only thing that really disappointed me at the Olympics was the fact that not a single Coldplay song was played either during the opening or closing ceremonies. The latter even was titled “A Symphony of British Music”, how is this possible without Coldplay?! I really don’t get it.

So I was very happy when they finally appeared on my TV screen, and not for one song only but a whole 15-song set. I loved every second and I don’t think I can pick a favourite moment. Maybe when Mat Fraser, a disabled drummer joined them for God Put A Smile, or Chris sitting down next to the Paraorchestra for Strawberry Swing… and I thought I couldn’t love him even more :D

You could see how much fun the boys had, it was the perfect ending for London 2012. I’ll never forget this summer!