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Four years go…

July 26th, 2012


“This is a song I wrote just as I turned 20, and I panicked ’cause I was like “shit man, I’m not gonna be a teenager anymore”"
Shit maaaaan!

Well, Happy Birthday to me. If my teenage years have an anthem, it’s this song. Every line is so true.
I’m off to the lake now!

“… when you’re 16.

Four years go
You’re foreign before you know
You’re now of age
And you’re thrown in a different cage
And you’re faced with another blank page
And I know I don’t need to be told …”

Survival by Muse – Official Song of the London 2012 Olympic Games

July 9th, 2012


This is just epic. I admit,┬á I giggled when I first heard the song, it’s so ridiculous and over the top, but I love it, especially with this video. I always loved watching the Olympic Games (maybe ’cause I was born a day after the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, heh) and since they’re in London this time I’m extra excited. Let the Games begin!