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I survived the Reichenbach Fall (twice!)

May 30th, 2012

Yep, I fell for Sherlock too :D I once swore to never watch anything even remotely violent or suspenseful again, just because my mind can’t take it, haha. I’m like a five year old when it comes to things like that, I get nightmares and I just hate it when people die on telly and in movies.

Last summer however, Sherlock – a modern version of Sherlock Holmes made by the BBC – was mentioned just about everywhere. I was bored, thought I’d give it a try and saw the first episode – and then I was hooked.

Now, I haven’t been to the cinema for almost five years and I’m definitely not a “tv show junkie” either, so my excitement for this probably sounds quite silly but… I can’t remember ever watching a show this brilliantly made and written. I love the idea of a modern adaption. I love how much passion and attention to detail the writers and producers put into this project. There are so many tiny clues and gimmicks; no flash of a newspaper or a quiet whisper in the background is a coincidence. I love how it actually challenges you to work everything out. And last but not least, I love how brilliantly all the actors, especially Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and John, portray their characters.

The second series just finished here in Germany, but I advise you to watch it in English anyway because Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is pure porn.

As you can see, I’m completely sherlocked =D It’s incredibly thrilling and suspenseful, but funny as well, and just overall amazingly done. Can’t – wait – for – more!

cherry muffins

April 12th, 2012

Not bad for the first try! Here’s the recipe I’ve used. Now I’m off for a weekend at my Grandma’s :)

job interviews

March 30th, 2012
job interviews

This is what I was wearing for my job interviews this week – nothing too fancy since you don’t have to wear anything special for the actual job, everyone’s wearing jeans and t-shirts, haha. But on a more important note – I GOT THE JOB!!!!

at last

March 7th, 2012

I finally bought a laptop on Monday! :D Wohooo! I’ve had a desktop pc for six years now, which had a hardware fault right from the beginning, meaning it crashed every few minutes. Got it repaired but a few months later it wouldn’t turn on anymore. Sent it in for repair a second time – and a few months later… you get the idea. I spent six years being annoyed with my computer and afraid of losing all my photos and documents. That time is over now!! Love my laptop already (even though the display is burning my retinas =D soo bright!)


Isn’t it pretty?

Lost and Found

March 4th, 2012


Gary Lightbody wrote about this on his tumblrLost and Found is a 24minute animated film based on a children’s book by Oliver Jeffers. Since Gary praised it with such lovely words I just had to watch it.
And it’s so so beautiful. “any age and it hits you where you live” – damn right. I’ll be 20 in a few months and it actually made me cry! Hahaha.. I’m probably just over-sentimental. But yeah, go watch it, adults can definitely enjoy it as much as children. Makes me want to dig out my old children’s books…

and what’s a wonderwall anyway

February 9th, 2012


snow + The Man Who + hot chocolate = ♥

project straight teeth

January 22nd, 2012

I haven’t been happy with my crooked teeth for years now, so decided to get Invisalign braces. I had my first consultation in August and I only got my first set of aligners three days ago, so if you’re thinking about getting Invisalign, go and make an appointment NOW, haha :D The wait felt like forever.
But I have them now and so far it’s all good and not painful at all. I’ll have 14 lower trays and 24 upper trays and I change them every two weeks, so the bottom will be done in half a year and the top in one year. The thought that I’ll be having plastic in my mouth for the rest of the year is a bit scary, but just thinking about what my teeth will look like when I’m done motivates me so much. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this! :D

caving in

January 14th, 2012

I just wanted to show you my new phone :D My Christmas present to myself. I already bought it two weeks before Christmas and I love it.

(shame you can’t see the flower design on the bag that well haha)

xmas wishlist

November 28th, 2011

Since a certain friend asked me to do this… :D

- CDs
The number one thing to get me for Christmas. I get lots of music from the libary, which piles on my hard drive, but my humble CD collection only consists of about 30 albums so far. Lots of great ones are missing (everything by The Kooks and Muse except for The Resistance, the two albums by Amy MacDonald, Radiohead’s In Rainbows, Fran Healy’s solo album… this could go on and on).

- books
I’ve got three books lying around at the moment and no time to read them, but books are always welcomed. Still haven’t read the new one by Nick Hornby and I’ve been meaning to get Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and an english copy of PS I Love You for ages… I read anything as long as it’s light and funny and not too cheesy-romantic :D Oh, and english only, of course!

On to some more useless stuff …

- pillow cases! :D For some reason I only own the one pillow I sleep on. No throw pillows, cushions or the like. Anything that’s either white or blue is great, this one is particularly beautiful.

- pencils. There are awesome sets out there with like 12 different hardness grades. New pencils will hopefully get me motivated to finally finish the drawing I’ve had lying around for nearly two years now.

- brushes, this time not for drawing/painting but for make-up :D (mostly for blushes and compact powder) I know nothing about this stuff so even help only is appreciated.

- and: something like this :D A bag for the handbag. Sounds silly but since I’m always running late I think that this could actually be practical.

time flies

October 30th, 2011

12 years ago today (well, actually yesterday but eh. It’s 2am here) we got our wonderful cat, Pinki.
I still remember everything about this day, especially how she fell asleep on her first night at her new home: on my pillow, rested against the top of my head :D
Eight months later she gave birth to six little kitten, and one of them is Flecki, who still lives with us. I can’t imagine my life without these two.


See why she’s called Pinki? :D